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Project Description
Haze Anti-Virus is a anti virus written in native C++, it uses signatures and heuristics scanning. This antivirus is aimed at providing all users with a secure computer enviroment, by making it as simple to use but still packs even more features than other complex antivirus software suites provide.

Welcome to the Homepage of Haze Anti-Virus, Haze AV is currently in beta stage, it consists of a Service written in native C++, and a GUI written in C#, .net 3.5.

Current Features
  • Own Hooking Engine
  • WPF user interface
  • Watchdog Service
  • Kernel Mode Driver
  • MBR Scanning and Verification
  • Runs on both x86 and x64 platforms of Windows
  • Can scan x86 and x64 executables
  • Scans Windows batch files
  • Anti-Hooking Engine to protect own programs
  • Modular Design to allow for custom usage of Haze AV

The Haze Antivirus website will be up and running soon, please go to

For more info, please email me at

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